The newly formed IT Leadership Council (ITLC) has selected Board members to provide leadership and guide the formation of the group. Board membership is typically a two year commitment, but members agreed to a one and two year staggered term in this initial year. Board members include:

  • Ellen-Marie Muhlbacher, Almuni Relations and Development
  • Kathie Koch, IT Services
  • David Wolf, Logan Center
  • Kevin Boyd, Booth School of Business
  • Valerie Archambeau, The College
  • David Gulbransen, Law School
  • Plamen Martinov, Biological Sciences Division
  • Kelly Simmons, Office of the University Registrar
  • Cole Camplese, IT Services

The Board was selected through consultation with members of the Board of Computing Activities and Services and the Provost IT committee. Ellen-Marie Muhlbacher was named the first chair of the ITLC Board. The Board is in planning for the first meeting of the whole ITLC, that will be scheduled in June. Staff support for the Board will be managed by IT Services.