Today we provided a detailed review of the UChicago IT initiative to Forum for Academic Computing and Technology (FACT) group. FACT is a group designed for members of UChicago academic IT community and is meant to provide an opportunity to discuss campus-wide IT issues. The meeting today was well attended and representatives from across campus were there. During the presentation, the rationale for the initiative was discussed as were each of the four primary programs within it. Many good questions were answered about various aspects of UChicago IT. We spent most of the time discussing the IT Rationalization program, how it came about, and how we are proceeding. The overall timeline was discussed and we shared that data collection for IT outside of IT Services would begin this week and that many of them would be getting an email from us to kick off that part of the process.

In addition to IT Rationalization, we shared our vision for the IT Leadership Council, the IT Academy, and IT Events. We discussed in some detail how the ITLC was being designed and what kind of impact the group would have on the forward facing decisions we make as a campus relative to IT. The IT Academy was described as something in progress that the ITLC would have a direct hand in shaping. IT Events generated some interest from the group as well. It was a positive experience with lots of good questions and real interest.