Today the UChicago IT website got an update with a new frequently asked questions (FAQ) section. The FAQ page seeks to answer many of the questions we have already received and ones that we know we are going to get. Our plan is to continue to add answers to new questions as they come in. We have decided to provide answers to questions across all four areas of the UChicago IT initiative. Even though we are in early stages of all of this, we feel compelled to provide as much information as we can. If you have other questions that we haven’t answered, please check out the Contact Us page and send us anything — questions, feedback, or updates you’d like to hear from us.

We are also working on building a guide to the data collection phase of the project. As we release data collection tools to the larger community we want to be able to provide a least a baseline level of support. That will be accessible from the FAQ page as well.

For now, check out the newly updated FAQ page.

IT@UChicago FAQ Page