IT Connects

IT Connects is designed to enhance and enrich the UChicago community.

In addition to leveraging staff training and development opportunities offered through the University and acquired from outside sources, UChicago IT is implementing its own light-weight staff development and recognition program that is primarily by and for IT staff. IT Connects will focus on leadership, mentoring, networking, and celebration for UChicago IT staff. The following are examples of the some grassroots activities that will be offered under IT Connects:

  • IT Shares: an informal brown-bag lunch discussion about timely leadership and management topics.
  • IT Coaches and IT Mentors: informal and formal one-to-one coaching and mentoring partnerships among IT and University colleagues.
  • IT Matters: an occasional breakfast speaker series designed to bring together University leadership, faculty, and other topic experts with IT staff to share perspective and help IT staff better understand how they can best support the University.
  • IT Recognizes: a program to highlight the good work of the UChicago IT community and provide an opportunity to recognize staff contributions.

The UChicago App Challenge

The UChicago App Challenge and finals happen each year at the end of the Spring Quarter, in conjunction with the Polsky Center NVC Finals, featuring web and mobile apps from students, faculty, and staff.

IT Symposium

In the 17-18 academic year, IT at UChicago will hold the first annual IT Symposium. It will celebrate our campus’s innovative use of technology to enhance research, teaching, learning, and administration.

Faculty Technology Days

Faculty Technology Day is a collaborative envent presented by the Umbrella Initiative. It is help a few times a year and gives Faculty an opportunity to engage with campus IT partners to learn about the various services available to support their teaching and research.

Tableau User Group


IT Lunch and Learn


Faculty Technology Day

Fall 2016

UChicago App Challenge

June 2017

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