UChicago IT

UChicago IT is an IT Services-led initiative, in collaboration with unit and divisional IT to support the mission of the Institution.

UChicago IT is built on the four interrelated initiatives below. Please take time to fully explore each.

IT Rationalization

IT groups across the institution are collaborating to identify opportunities to increase our efficiency and improve overall service offerings to deliver even greater value.

IT Leadership Council

IT doesn’t happen in a vacuum. It takes time, dedication, and insight from talented professionals and leaders across the organization. The ITLC will become a focal point for advancing IT at UChicago.

IT Academy

People are our greatest investment. The UChicago IT Academy will be established to support training and professional development, nurture emerging IT leaders, and create IT career paths at UChicago.

IT Connects

IT is about community as much as it is about technology. IT Connects is designed to help strengthen that community, highlight new opportunities to engage and collaborate, and inspire innovative thought.

Project Updates

IT Leadership Council Inaugural Meeting

The University of Chicago’s newly established Information Technology Leadership Council (ITLC) recently met, formally bringing together for the first time 34 IT leaders from academic and administrative areas across campus. The ITLC is a new addition to the IT...

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IT Leadership Council Board Members Selected

The newly formed IT Leadership Council (ITLC) has selected Board members to provide leadership and guide the formation of the group. Board membership is typically a two year commitment, but members agreed to a one and two year staggered term in this initial year....

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Data Collection Complete

At the end of 2016 we concluded the primary data collection phase and have started to look at trends in what was reported. We did not gather data on every aspect of IT from all the units we are working with, but we have been pouring over the data and cross referencing...

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Data Collection Update

Thanks to the hard work of our Unit and Division colleagues from across the University, we have begun to receive responses to our campus-wide data collection efforts. The information our partners are providing is extensive and will go a long way in helping define...

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UChicago IT Site Update

Today the UChicago IT website got an update with a new frequently asked questions (FAQ) section. The FAQ page seeks to answer many of the questions we have already received and ones that we know we are going to get. Our plan is to continue to add answers to new...

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UChicago Tableau Day

The University of Chicago Medicine Development Office, in collaboration with Tableau Software, will be hosting the first UChicago Tableau Day on Tuesday, August 23rd. Tableau Day is designed to provide an open forum to discuss how Tableau is currently being used on...

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